At Sepad Inc. we believe in the beauty of local communities. We believe that our solution not only save jobs, but it can create a more harmonious and beautiful community based on supply and demand.

We will achieve our mission by creating an interactive network of people with their local commerce which can result in increased sales volume.

People benefit from the system by using Sepad App to discover their surroundings and local commerce detailed catalog of products. This will increase the likelihood of consumers choosing a vendor in their neighborhood rather than ordering through online portals which will help them saving time and money on shipping and handling.


Sepad Inc. is founded by the founders of Realtyna LLC.(founded 2007), Ali Movahedian Attar and Giselle Abadi. Realtyna is a successful software company focused on providing web/mobile applications to the real estate industry. In quest for creating an out-of-the-box solution to empower our clientele in competition with large real estate portals, we came up with the idea of Smart Showcase, offering a new fun experience to potential real estate buyers that is not possible through the large portals. When the idea was developed, we realized that the same platform can be used for Smart Showcasing TM aka. promoting all sorts of local commerce.

Giselle Abadi – CEO

Giselle is a creative and determined leader with 18 years of experience in working as employee/director/founder in small to large companies. The combination of her engineering background (B.Sc. in electronics/control), persistent personality and years of experience in business, has created a solid ground of all of her entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Co-founded (2007), a very successful software company in the field of real estate technology.

  • International Patent File with valuable references (2003)

  • 18 Years of Business Experience in USA, Europe, UAE (Middle-East)

  • Received Business Management Trainings from accredited institutes: HR, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, ISO, Process Management, SAP, etc.

  • B.Sc in Electronics from IUT (Isfahan University of Technology)

Ali M. Attar – Executive Chairman

Ali is a visionary and determined self-thought leader. As the CEO of, he made it a success by correct business decisions during the toughest times of the economical crisis without seeking any third party investment. He started being an entrepreneur at the age of 16 by founding the first Satellite-based Internet Service Provider (1996) in Mashhad metropole area in Iran. He was then invited to give a modem programming course at the university of Ferdowsi-Mashhad.

  • CEO and Co-founder of (2007) a very successful software company in the field of real estate technology.

  • International Patent File with valuable references (2003)

  • 20 years of international Business Experience in USA, Europe, UAE (Middle-East) and East Asia (Taiwan/China)

  • Received Innovation Awards from respectful institutes