Smart ShowCase®

Outshine All Other Restaurants
in the Neighborhood!

Visual Interactive Menu on your Restaurant Window

  • Full HD mouthwatering food images
  • Let customers search food types, diet types, ingredients, etc
  • Capture their contact info for building lasting relationship
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Michelle’s Success Story!

Waiting In The Line
Can Become More Enjoyable!

While Interacting With A Visual Menu!


  • Displaying immersive HD quality images of the food in the menu on TV

  • Video Support

  • Visual menu on customers smartphones

  • Searching the menu items

  • Food type search based on:

  • Category

  • Diet Type

  • Spiciness

  • Ingredients

  • Auto-Play / Slideshow

  • Promotional Slides

  • Simple dashboard for managing the menu items

  • Add/Edit/Remove menu items simply without going through printing hassles

  • Update the images

What the Eye Sees
the Heart Desires!

Next Releases:
  • Happy Hour Menu: Only visible during the Happy Hour!

  • Augmented Reality (AR) for Collecting Freebies

  • Face Recognition for showing relevant options

  • And more …