Smart ShowCase®

Beat the Technology with Technology!

Superior Showcasing Experience Compared to
the Internet Portals

  • Full HD property images on an interactive TV
  • Automatic relevant suggestions based on clients’ interests
  • Smart Lead Capturing
  • Sign More Seller Agreements
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Make Waiting in Your Office Fun!
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  • Displaying immersive HD quality images and videos of the listings

  • Video Support

  • Auto-Play / Slideshow

  • Interacting with the TV by potential clients including:

  • Browsing the listings

  • Searching listings

  • Bookmarking the listings

  • Saving the search

  • Sharing the listings

  • Contacting the agent

  • Lead Capturing: Potential clients can leave their contact information if they are interested in a listing.

  • Dashboard for uploading and managing the listings

Future Releases:
  • Relevant Suggestions based on Saved Search & User Profile

Save Time & Money
By Showing
The Right Homes!