Welcome to SEPAD

Sepad iOS/Android apps allow you to connect to a particular shop or restaurant that has deployed Sepad – Smart Showcase Technology.
Connect via: The Shop ID, QR Scanning, Beacon Authentication or Nearby Search (next version).
Supported Businesses: Restaurants, Retail Stores, Real Estate, Car Dealerships…

The Remote

With the Sepad Client App
Take control of the Sepad TV terminals!
Search…Browse…Slide Images…Save…Share…Contact

The Catalog / Menu

The detailed list of products / services of Sepad network shops
accessible both on the TV and your smartphone!
Future Feature for Restaurants: Place your order directly from your Sepad App via Waiter Assist!

Item Search

What’s more interesting than a visual and searchable menu / catalog?
Find your desired food / item in seconds…
Different Search Parameters for Each Business Type!

Nearby Places

Familiar Function…More Meaningful Result
Truly Discover the Neighborhood by having access to the detailed, visual and searchable catalog of each business in your neighborhood.